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Humantific on Finnish Television



Humantific CoFounder, Garry K. VanPatter appeared on Finnish television after giving his keynote talk on SenseMaking for ChangeMaking at the very first Creative Economy & Beyond Conference in Helsinki last week. VanPatter spoke of the changing role of design in organizational and societal change beyond product and service creation a somewhat controversial subject in Finland where product design has a long history.


Humantific at IDSA in Miami

Humantific CoFounder GK VanPatter will give a keynote talk on SenseMaking for ChangeMaking at the 2009 IDSA International Conference upcoming in Miami on September 23-26.

About the conference:

“Our global economy is going through dramatic change. Design can be proactive and guide change. We can be a significant influence in creating new value. It has been said that the future is not something that happens…it is something that you make happen. Business is not asking for our help to drive new value, they are demanding it. In the 30s, design helped the economy out of the depression. We are finding ourselves at a moment of opportunity once again. Designers have the tools to create new value for reviving economies.

Project Infusion is a new format for IDSA’s International Conference, which will be held at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel September 23-26. Both domestic and international attendees across diverse disciplines beyond the confines of the IDSA membership are invited to exchange ideas, opinions and insights. This is a project that we will contribute to mutually. We will enjoy its fruits together.

Fresh infusion of inspiration, knowledge and wisdom will fuel our creativity. This will be the process of steeping and soaking substance in order to extract new viewpoints. It will be an exchange of ideas that you will want to bring your boss to, or send your employees to. You will learn how to increase your bottom line and that of your business.

See more on the conference site.


Interactive Innovation Profile

NextDesign Leadership Institute in partnership with Basadur Applied Creativity have launched a new interactive innovation profile. Next generation innovation leaders know the importance of having access to new insight tools in order to understand and effectively lead cross-disciplinary teams. If you would like to know more about this interactive tool view the mini presentation: See Deeper / Think Smarter on the NextD site.


GK VanPatter Collaborates with Microsoft


In collaboration with Microsoft and their Experience Expression road show launching Expression Studio, GK VanPatter gave talks in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver on NextDesign Geographies (Design 1,2,3,4) and the transformation underway in the design community. Road show presenters included David Crow and Rini Gahir of Microsoft and Danny Riddell of Metaliq. Thanks to Nicole Flippance and Michael MacMillan of High Road Communications for their logistical support.

The Buzz:

Microsoft Canada Expression Launch

Microsoft Launches Expression Studio

Microsoft Expression launch event at Canvas Lounge with GK VanPatter
(and Silverlight)

Canadians having an an impact on design


GK VanPatter in India

Humantific Co-Founder, GK VanPatter will be speaking at the Leadership through Design Conference on December 12-13 in Bangalore, India. The 21st century is presenting the design community with new challenges and opportunities for assuming leadership roles. At the summit, individuals from diverse fields, who have unique perspectives on the role of design and innovation in the global economy, will share their visions. More information is available on the conference site.