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Humantific & FutureBankingLab

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All organizational leaders, perhaps especially those in the financial services industry, are facing enormous continous change today. For more than a year, Humantific has been working with the The Inter-American Development Bank’s FutureBankingLab designing and delivering a traveling proactive Beyond Banking Program.

The FutureBankingLab is essentially a multi-disciplinary, global think tank formed by institutions and experts in different areas of banking. It travels around the globe involving many stakeholders in structured dialogue.

Its purpose is to explore challenges and opportunties accross the global banking system at this time of great change. One of its functions is to promote sustainable governance principles that will empower the industry to thrive in a challenging future.

Having kicked off the program last year in Cologne, Germany, Humantific was recently invited back to lead the facilitation of another round of sessions in Madrid, this time focused on developing strategies to fund “The Missing Middle” in Latin America and the Caribbean’s financial sector, in  collaboration with IDB, BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) and the MIF (Multilateral Investment Fund).



Future Envisioning Financial Services

Financial services giant Wells Fargo recently partnered with Humantific to create an innovation envisioning experience for hundreds of stakeholders to proactively explore possible future customer experience scenarios. Like much of the strategy work that Humantific does the mechanics of this on going project remain highly confidential so we can only describe the project in general terms here.

Humantifc was asked to create an envisioning skill-building experience that 500 Wells Fargo employees could participate in over a period of several months in San Francisco.

To create the jump field we combined present and future research made visible. In constructing the future made visible fields Humantific worked closely with Institute of the Future and the Wells Fargo experience design leadership team in California. 

In each envisioning session Humantific teaches a common language set of cross-disciplinary cocreation skills that connect directly into the forward looking Wells Fargo strategy.

The purpose of the workshop series is to proactively envision possible customer experiences, products and services in the financial services industry of the future. Although we are often asked to focus workshop designs in particular direction the skills that we teach in the Complexity Navigation leadership program can be applied by leaders in any changemaking context. 

The outcomes of the multiple envisioning sessions will inform future strategies and customer oriented value creation at Wells Fargo. The first round of sessions have been so successful Humantific has been asked to create a 3 day version with much more strategic cocreation skill-building added.

Complexity Navigation is a new generation leadership program that applies to all industries challenged with effective change making.


Making the Future Understandable

Among the most confidential project types that we do at Humantific are those focused on future trends that inform strategic visions and strategies. With our long term clients in several industries Humantific is at work on multiple projects involving the role of future trends in SenseMaking and ChangeMaking. We did our very first Future Made Visible Project ten years ago and see a huge rise of interest in this work from clients seeking to better understand the future of their industries. What is the future of healthcare? What is the future of banking?  While in the marketplace a few organizations have multimillion dollar budgets to fund future work in collaboration with high profile academic institutions like MIT most seek to create their futures in less grandiose ways. Organizational leaders come to Humantific because they seek a more hands on, participatory route and they want to not only understand future trends but to integrate this research into a broader innovation process.  At Humantific we understand that delicate relationship between SenseMaking and ChangeMaking. Clients often ask us to help them design the envelope in which humans interact with future visions, to make numerous streams of research understandable and to provide the process mastery necessary to make the research part of a continuous innovation process. How might you create a participatory future envisioning process that involves hundreds of employees in multiple locations? How do you integrate future views into your everyday work cycle? These are among the questions that our clients are interested in. Due to its highly confidential strategic nature it is not the kind of work we can show at innovation conferences or here on our web site. Making sense of and jumping off from the future with co-creation is fascinating work that we love to do.