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Inspired by Skill-to-Scale

We were delighted to see Noah Raford being inspired by Peter Jones being inspired by NextDesign Geographies…:-)

Created by GK VanPatter and Elizabeth Pastor, NextD Geographies has been presented at numerous conferences around the world. It is a community-focused sensemaking framework that helps others make sense of the design thinking landscape.

One of its central ideas, not always popular in the design community, is Skill-to-Scale. The implications are that different design skills are needed for different levels of complexity. For example, what goes on in Design 1 is radically different from the tools and methods of Design 3. As design-oriented professionals become more involved in changemaking in the context of organizations and societies, rather than just product or service creation (Design 2), these differences become more clear. Not everyone is happy about that kind of clarity.

GK VanPatter: “As a field of knowledge, design is an amorphous time warp that exists across several time zones or paradigms simultaneously…The NextD Geographies Framework of D1, D2, D3, D4 is, in essence, a complexity scale. It is a post-discipline view that is process, not content, focused.”

For more, see The Rise of Visual SenseMaking: GK VanPatter interviewed by Peter Jones PhD.

NextD ideas and their ramifications continue to inspire and influence many design thinking initiatives.


NextDesign Geographies: Understanding Design Futures That Have Already Arrived!

ReReThinking Design Thinking

Design is Changing / Are You?

NextD Reality Check

NextD Archive can be found here:

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Humantific in Århus Denmark


Humantific Co-Founder GK VanPatter will give a keynote talk on Design Futures and the Rise of Visual SenseMaking at the Danish Designers Annual Conference / General Assembly in Århus, Denmark on June 9th. The conference is being organized by the Danish Designers Association and Aarhus School of Architecture.

There is a great deal of thoughtful effort being applied in Denmark to rethinking the role of design in the 21st century. Humantific is delighted to participate in the ongoing conversation.

Stay tuned for more conference details.

Danish Designers Association


The Hidden Brain


In his new book The Hidden Brain, science writer Shankar Vedantam explains his perspective on what he describes as our brains two modes: conscious and unconscious, pilot and autopilot. Are you constantly switching back and forth between the two?

“Most of us think of ourselves as being conscious, intentional, deliberate creatures,” Vedantam says. “I know that I think of myself that way: I know why I like this movie star, or why I voted for this president, or why I prefer this political party to that….Doing research for this book changed all that.

“I have become, in some ways, much more humble about my views and much less certain about myself. And it may well be that the hidden brain is much more in charge of what we do than our conscious mind’s intentions.”

Listen to Shankar talk about The Hidden Brain concept on NPR.


GK VanPatter at Swinburne University

Now viewable in virtual book form: The presentation made by GK VanPatter on November 22, 2009 at the Swinburne Design Thinking Conference in Melbourne, Australia and on November 25 at Swinburne University School of Design.

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Most-Ridiculous TV Gadgets

Not enough products in your life?

Take a look at these all-time classics:

8 Of The Most Ridiculous “As Seen On TV” Gadgets”

Includes the Tiddy Bear: “the most absurd product ever promoted on television.”


SenseMaker Dialogs 1 Wraps

[slideshow=32]The SenseMaker Dialogs series kicked off on August 13, 2009 at Parsons The New School for Design in New York. SenseMaker Dialogs is a new speaker series focused on the rapidly changing hybrid activity of SenseMaking in the 21st century. Elizabeth Pastor, CoFounder of Humantific was moderator for the informal evening session.  Speakers for the evening were Marshall Clemens, Founder of Idiagram, and Brian Willison, Director of Parsons Institute for Information Mapping. Humantific CoFounder Garry VanPatter provided the introduction to SenseMaking and explained how its evolution fits into the changing picture of design thinking in leading innovation practices today.

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Humantific at CEB in Helsinki

Humantific CoFounder GK VanPatter will give a keynote talk on SenseMaking for ChangeMaking at the Creative Economy and Beyond Conference upcoming in Helsinki on September 9-10 as part of Helsinki Design Week.

About the conference:

Creative Economy and Beyond is an international conference examining the role of creativity in the economy and society. The world is changing at an ever-fastening pace. A shift from an industrial to a knowledge and experience society creates constant demands for renewal to all sectors of society.

Around the world, creativity and innovation are called upon as saviours of the future. Facing economic crisis strengthens the need to create and innovate faster and more effectively than ever before.
The quest for a better future is not about simple answers or single truths. It is about multiple truths and accepting the never ending quest for better questions.”

The themes are:

•    Creativity in Business and Leadership
•    Creative Regimes: Immaterial Business, Future Law, and the User of Tomorrow
•    Designing our Future: Education, Research and Innovation Policy

See more on the conference site:

See more on the Helsinki Design Week Events here.


Student SenseMaking at Davos

Congratulations to MP Ranjan and his students at the National Institute for Design in Bangalore for their recent Visual SenseMaking work that will be presented at Davos. Keep up the great work!

Visualizing Sustainability / Davos 2009


Visual Lunch

Old Friends Elizabeth Pastor, Dan Roam and Garry VanPatter enjoy lunching visually in San Francisco.