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Humantific at Transforming Design UK

Humantific CoFounder, Elizabeth Pastor will be speaking on the subject of SenseMaking for ChangeMaking at the Transforming Design Conference in London on Sept 7. Around the world we continue to see significant interest in real world examples of how design thinking is being applied to complex fuzzy challenges in the context of organizations and societies.

This conference is being organized by the Design Management Institute, one of numerous professional associations working hard to signal to its membership how leading transformation practices are driving change in the design and design management communities.

Read more on the conference site: “The world is changing, business is changing, the role of design is changing, and so too design managers need to change…Design is now recognized as an enabler of business transformation, because design leads change, which is critically needed to save and solve our future. It is a solution that addresses problems, and problems behind problems. Design connects businesses to their customers, and customers to new products, services and experiences. Design is a process tool, an innovation tool, a tool to build experiences, and a transformation tool. Transformation is as much a way of thinking as it is a result.


GK VanPatter at Swinburne University

Now viewable in virtual book form: The presentation made by GK VanPatter on November 22, 2009 at the Swinburne Design Thinking Conference in Melbourne, Australia and on November 25 at Swinburne University School of Design.

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GK VanPatter at Malmö University

Humantific Co-Founder, GK VanPatter will give a free open to the public talk on SenseMaking for ChangeMaking in Malmö, Sweden on November 12, as part of a new speaker series being organized by the MEDEA Societal Entrepreneurship Program at Malmö University.

“MEDEA Collaborative Media Initiative is a center for new media research and development at Malmö University, Sweden. Medea is built around co-production with actors outside academia – companies, organizations, artists, citizens, etc. A special focus is put on the development of new creative practices and on new public spheres.”

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SenseMaker Dialogs

SenseMaker Dialogs is a new speaker series focused on the rapidly changing hybrid activity of SenseMaking in the 21st century. The series was launched August 13th in New York, sponsored by Humantific and Parsons School of Design Strategies in New York.

SenseMaker Dialogs celebrates and shares views into the revolutionary wave in sensemaking that is underway in our increasingly complicated world.

Leading SenseMakers today are already involved in much more than data and information visualization. SenseMakers have become integral to many forms of change making occurring around the world.

The boundaries of what sensemaking is and what sensemakers do is in a state of rapid transformation like never before. SenseMaker Dialogs will explore these multi-dimensional shifts.

Each talk features two thought leaders engaged in exploring the boundaries of sensemaking.


Elizabeth Pastor
CoFounder, Humantific


SenseMaker Dialogs 1

Marshall Clemens
Founder, Idiagram

Brian Willison
Director, Parsons Institute for Information Mapping

Upcoming Speakers
(Dates to be confirmed)

Richard Saul Wurman

Paolo Ciuccarelli

Elizabeth Pastor


What is SenseMaking?

SenseMaking is primarily a domain of knowledge about how humans make sense of complexity.

Many historical and current definitions exist.

This series seeks to make sense of what 21st century SenseMaking is becoming.


Who is the audience for SenseMaker Dialogs?

Everyone interested in the broad subject of SenseMaking is welcome.

The series is focused primarily on SenseMaking in organizations and societies.


Who should attend SenseMaker Dialogs?

Forward thinking leaders in business and society.

Leaders in organizations encountering mountains of complexity and continuous change.

Those seeking to harness next design thinking in their organizations.

Graduate design education leaders seeking insights into the future of design innovation.

SenseMaking experts seeking to join and help construct a 21st century SenseMaking community.


What are the backgrounds of the guest speakers?

Speakers in SenseMaker Dialogs come from diverse backgrounds.

If you have a suggestion regarding who would make a great speaker let us know.


What industries and societies most need SenseMaking?

The need to make sense of fuzzy complexity applies to every industry and every society.

SenseMaking has already become an integral aspect of many change driving initiatives in organizations and in society.


How can I get involved in SenseMaker Dialogs?

If you would like to become a SenseMaker Dialogs volunteer or sponsor send an email to programs (at) humantific (dot) com


SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: If you would like to become a cosponsor of the SenseMaker Dialogs series, please send an email to programs (at) humantific (dot) com with “SenseMaker Dialogs Sponsorship” as the subject.


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Also see GK VanPatter on Karl Weick’s SenseMaking.


GK VanPatter at Swinburne University


Humantific Co-Founder, GK VanPatter will attend the ReThinking Design Education Conference being organized by Dr Ken Friedman, Dean of the School of Design at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia on November 21-22.

Sixty thought leaders have been invited to discuss opportunities and possible futures for graduate design education. Dr. Friedman is leading the charge at Swinburne to create a new 21st century design school.

VanPatter will also give a talk on SenseMaking for ChangeMaking at the School of Design on Nov 25 at Swinburne University.


Humantific on Radio Finland

Humantific CoFounder, Garry K. VanPatter was interviewed at the Creative Economy & Beyond Conference in Helsinki by Barbro Björkfelt, journalist, documentary film maker for YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company. At the conference VanPatter introduced the NextD SenseMaking Framework of Design 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 which became the talk of the two day session and helped propel the focus towards strategic design and away from old notions of design as product creation.

Here’s the link.



SenseMaker Dialogs 1 Wraps

[slideshow=32]The SenseMaker Dialogs series kicked off on August 13, 2009 at Parsons The New School for Design in New York. SenseMaker Dialogs is a new speaker series focused on the rapidly changing hybrid activity of SenseMaking in the 21st century. Elizabeth Pastor, CoFounder of Humantific was moderator for the informal evening session.  Speakers for the evening were Marshall Clemens, Founder of Idiagram, and Brian Willison, Director of Parsons Institute for Information Mapping. Humantific CoFounder Garry VanPatter provided the introduction to SenseMaking and explained how its evolution fits into the changing picture of design thinking in leading innovation practices today.

To get on the advance registration list for the upcoming SenseMaker Dialogs 2 in October send an email to programs (at) humantific (dot) com

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Design 4.0 Rocks the House

Continuing NextD’s provocative ReRethinking Design message CoFounder, GK VanPatter rocked the house at the EXPOSED 09 Conference in Phoenix last week presenting Design 4.0 / Social Transformation Design for the first time. Utilizing the 2009 NextD Complexity Scale of Design 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 as a visual backdrop he spoke unscripted for one hour to an enthusiastic audience of masters students, PhD students and faculty members at the Arizona State University School of Design. Tapping into the deep visual synthesis capabilities of NextDesign Leadership Institute, GK explained the complex waves of change underway outside of design and how they relate to design practice and design education. Founded in New York in 2002, NextD is internationally recognized as a leader in the creation of lenses to understand the changing nature of design in the 21st century. VanPatter encouraged educators and students to value their strengths, to recognize the degree of change underway and to rise to the new challenges facing design leadership in the 21st century. Watch for additional news on NextD Futures and Design 3.0-4.0 coming soon.

See excerpts from the presentation here on the NextD Facebook page:NextD_ReReThinking Design

Design 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0
The Rise of Visual SenseMaking

In a Special Issue of NextD Journal, Peter Jones PhD recently interviewed GK VanPatter about NextD’s journey through the rethinking design landscape, the opportunities facing the design community and the rise of visual sensemaking in an increasingly complex world.

See the entire interview here: NextD Design 4.0


Humantific at Arizona State University

Humantific CoFounder GK VanPatter will give a talk on Making Thinkmospheres Transparent at the upcoming EXPOSED conference being organized by Master of Science and PhD students at the Arizona State University College of Design, March 6th & 7th.

From the conference site:

“What mysteries lie beneath the surface of Design Research practice? What catalyzing forces will shift future paradigms of Design Research? Exposed: a Design Research Exchange will be an event dedicated to exploring these questions through a highly interactive agenda including workshops, moderated sessions, speakers and participant-generated content.”

See more details here:

EXPOSED / A Design Research Exchange


Workshops TWO & THREE Wrap


We had a great group here in New York last week for Workshops TWO & THREE at NextDesign Leadership Institute. It can be a rather mind-bending skill-building journey and everyone worked extremely hard for three full days to emerge with their new advanced co-creation leadership abilities. In Workshops TWO & THREE, participants learn advanced innovation co-creation, navigation and facilitation skills applicable to the Design 3.0 & 4.0 activity spaces. These sessions are taught by leaders of Humantific StrategyLab.

For more information on Humantific Innovation Skill-Building Programs in the USA and Europe, contact programs (at) humantific (dot) com.