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CoCreating Strategy

Humantific | StrategyLab has begun working with a telecommunications company in Madrid.

In StrategyLab we work upstream from a typical design brief in the fuzzy opportunity space. We combine upstream research with Visual SenseMaking to create an insights field that accelerates understanding among cross-disciplinary participants. The insights field is then connected to an externalized visual cocreation process that all team members learn and participate in. Humantific provides the research, visual sense-making and co-creation acceleration tools. Our clients provide the content knowledge. Using this unique combination repeatable transformations are co-created. This is inclusive innovation realized! In addition our clients begin using this hybrid skill-set to navigate the future and in the context of their everyday work.

For more information about Humantific services in Europe email: ask (at) humantific.com


Teaching Complexity Navigation

VHA, a leading health care alliance network is working with Humantific to bring next generation design thinking to its internal consulting group tasked with helping thousands of member hospitals tackle a diversity of wicked problems.

VHA has multiple waves of consulting teams in the Complexity Navigation Program inclusive of skill-building in Strategic Co-Creation, Design Research, and Visual Sense-Making. Deeply committed to being customer-centered VHA serves 1,400 not-for-profit hospitals and more than 21,000 non-acute care health care organizations as members of its nationwide network.  With the health care industry facing never before encountered fuzzy challenges VHA seeks to proactively help its hospital members meet the change, adaptability and innovation challenges of the 21st century.

After the completion of the program we made several small spontaneous videos to capture feedback from graduates who are now Complexity Navigators.

See Case Studies here.

Complexity Navigation Feedback 1

Complexity Navigation Feedback 2

Complexity Navigation Feedback 3

For more information contact: programs (at) humantific (dot) com


WorkshopONE Summer Session

Humantific has announced open registration for the 2008 summer session of WorkshopONE for the design community. Once each year since 2002 Humantific has offered the summer session through NextDesign Leadership Institute. This year it will be July 26 in New York. In the NextD version of WorkshopONE we not only do cross-disciplinary innovation skill-building, we share numerous visual models, talk about Design 3.0 and the changing nature of design practice. The session fills up rapidly. For more information on the summer session of NextD WorkshopONE contact: programs (at) nextd.org.

You can get a glimpse of last summers session here.


Bangalore Leadership Summit

As part of Raising the Bar: New Perspectives on Design, GK VanPatter gave the keynote talk on Design 3.0 / Understanding Design Now! at the Leadership through Design Summit in Bangalore, India. “Design with India is a collaborative initiative inspired by the discussions on the online forum, DesignIndia. Globalization is forcing designers to rethink their role in the context of developing world economies, especially in Asia. As global economic partnerships continue to expand and design becomes the driving force behind innovation, so too does the potential for businesses and designers to successfully partner with India. But at what cost? Designers can take inspiration from the traditions and craftsmanship that are unique to India. They can look to India to understand design innovation from a deeper, more resource driven perspective. However, it is important to interpret India’s identity and traditions from both a local and global perspective in order to simultaneously cultivate and preserve its rich and historic culture.” Humantific has many friends in India!

You can read GK’s reflections on what he saw and experienced at the Bangalore summit on the Design With India site: Reflections on the 2008 Leadership by Design Summit


Teaching Visual SenseMaking

Elizabeth Pastor is teaching Visual Sensemaking to the Strategic Services Group within VHA Hospitals Association. With their member hospitals facing massive continuous change in the healthcare industry, VHA is proactively working with NextDesign Leadership Institute in New York to create new strategic change adaptation services that add significant value to VHA member hospitals. The Complexity Navigation Program is at the center of VHA’s new skill building strategy for 2007-2008. This executive program combines Strategic Co-Creation, Design Research and Visual SenseMaking. Visual Sensemaking combines advanced strategic problem solving with visual thinking, information organization and ideas modeling. For more information on Humantific’s Visual SenseMaking program for executives contact: programs (at) humantific.com.


Executive Education Program Launches

Humantific in collaboration with NextDesign Leadership Institute, has created a new executive education program. The new innovation enabling-focused curriculum encompasses basic skill-building in Strategic Co-Creation, Design Research and Visual SenseMaking. Its the skill set many strategically-minded executives are looking for in a complex, continuously changing world. Long before deciding whether service design, product design or experience design is needed, executives seek to make sense of the marketplace complexities and determine what the challenges and opportunities actually are. This requires a new set set of skills. The new program is being offered through NextD. The first round of sessions is sold out.


Interactive Innovation Profile

NextDesign Leadership Institute in partnership with Basadur Applied Creativity have launched a new interactive innovation profile. Next generation innovation leaders know the importance of having access to new insight tools in order to understand and effectively lead cross-disciplinary teams. If you would like to know more about this interactive tool view the mini presentation: See Deeper / Think Smarter on the NextD site.


GK VanPatter Collaborates with Microsoft


In collaboration with Microsoft and their Experience Expression road show launching Expression Studio, GK VanPatter gave talks in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver on NextDesign Geographies (Design 1,2,3,4) and the transformation underway in the design community. Road show presenters included David Crow and Rini Gahir of Microsoft and Danny Riddell of Metaliq. Thanks to Nicole Flippance and Michael MacMillan of High Road Communications for their logistical support.

The Buzz:

Microsoft Canada Expression Launch

Microsoft Launches Expression Studio

Microsoft Expression launch event at Canvas Lounge with GK VanPatter
(and Silverlight)

Canadians having an an impact on design


Humantific Inspires PhD Thesis

We love to see others inspired by Humantific. Each year, we receive many requests from graduate students and PhD students who want to interact with Humantific, ask us questions, study what we are doing. Although we are not set up to accomodate all requests, we do meet with PhD students on a regular basis. Here is one example:

Silje Kamille Friis, a PhD student at Learning Lab in Denmark, studied Humantific, IDEO, Bruce Mau Design, and eTypes as part of her thesis focused on “Conscious Design Practice as a Strategic Tool,” published in 2008.

During her week-long stay in our Humantific New York office, Kamille had many face-to-face conversations with GK VanPatter and Elizabeth Pastor. She also attended NextD WorkshopONE summer session.

“The purpose of the “Industrial PhD” Conscious Design Practice as a Strategic Tool is to create new, in-depth understanding of how strategic design consultancies carry out design work, in particular the design methods and processes. It is a journey into new territory. The concept of strategic design is a recent development within the field of design, focusing on the strategic thinking important to identify opportunities for innovation and growth.”

For more information write to: programs (at) humantific (dot) com