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ReThinking Self-Organizing Innovation

Humantifc CoFounder GK VanPatter rerethinks the subject of self-organizing innovation. Having problems with getting innovation going on your cross-disciplinary team? Wasting alot of time and energy? Frustration levels rising? Are you experiencing the High-High-Low Effect?

We love self-organizing initiatives and recognize that there are many ways to self organize innovation efforts in organizations and in society.

The difficult truth is, in the marketplace we see a lot of innovation initiatives being referred to as “self-organizing” and “emergent” that look like mirror images of innovation efforts from 15-20 years ago. Some of the most well intentioned self-organizing innovation efforts seen today, seem to jump off from an odd-ball mixture of up to date and outdated knowledge. Often seen is what we call the High-High-Low Effect: High awareness of content and technology knowledge combined with low awareness of cross-disciplinary innovation process knowledge. For participants it can be a puzzling picture to be swimming around in…..See more inside the White Paper.


Visual SenseMaking at Liquidnet


Last week the Humantific team began a series of Visual SenseMaking Workshops for cross-disciplinary groups at Liquidnet in New York.

For more than ten years, the Humantific team has been helping business leaders make sense of complex business challenges and opportunities utilizing its hybrid Visual SenseMaking toolbox. Believing that such skills supercharge business thinking we are now offering Visual SenseMaking skill-building workshops to our clients. Business leaders in many industries are bolting these powerful skills unto their existing toolsets and changing the nature of cross-disciplinary communication in many companies.

What is Visual SenseMaking?

Visual SenseMaking is the activity of making sense of ambiguous complex situations through visual methods and tools including words, images, drawings, diagrams, charts, graphs, etc. This involves not only visual thinking, but creating visual ordering systems.

While the skill of Visual SenseMaking can be broadly applied to many life situations on planet earth, we focus on Visual SenseMaking in the context of organizations, organizational situations, systems, processes, challenges, opportunities, etc.

Visual SenseMaking Workshops are an integral part of Humantific’s Complexity Navigation Program.

We build real hands-on skills through experiential learning.


Recent Participant FeedBack from Visual SenseMaking Workshops:

“All Humantific workshops are life changing”

“Great insights, Great experience”

“A fun, engaging, impactful, meaningful day”

“Great facilitation”

“I now get why being able to visually communicate is so important”

“Highly recommended, Wish it was longer”

“I love the term sensemaking. It encompasses really what is going on”

“Can’t wait to take the other workshops”

“A great foundation for visual communication literacy”

“It’s a set of skills that every modern professional should have”

Open Session

There is an OPEN Visual SenseMaking Workshop upcoming in New York on May 16, 2009.

To register call 212-699-6441 or send an email to workshops (at) humantific (dot) com.

See more here!

Those interested in this subject can also join the Social SenseMaking Group on Facebook!


Tiny Book Series


Just for fun we recently created a tiny book on Visual SenseMaking as a small gift to our clients. The first in the tiny book series; Business Concept Models / Collection 1 includes examples of visual models that the Humantific team has created over the years.

Mailing List

If you would like to get on the Humantific tiny book series mailing list send us your snail mail address:

Please write “tiny book series” or “I want to become a client” as the subject. 🙂

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