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Bottom of the Pyramid US Opportunities


Just a little reminder to the energetic graduate students reading our blog that you do not need to travel to India or Africa to find a bottom of a pyramid and related opportunities to do meaningful work.  The USA has a pyramid of its own right here in our front yard.

The United States has enormous wicked social challenges that will require significant research, framing and solution generation efforts for many years to come.

If you want to learn more about how to relook at the United States and find the bottom of the US pyramid check out The Measure of America. It is the very first human development report ever focused on a so-called developed country.


The purpose of the report is to inspire and inform meaningful change in the United States. It is a challenging process already underway.

For Humantifc, The Measure of America initiative is an important ongoing collaboration project with authors Sarah Burd-Sharps, Kristen Lewis and Edwardo Borges Martins. Inside The Measure of America you can find much inspirational insight to jump off from.


“I brought along a book which I’m going to recommend to everybody – it’s a very well done study by a project called the American Human Development Project…And it’s something that I think you’ll find handy…to help place your state or your community in a national context.”

— ECONOMIST JEFFREY SACHS, Summit to Realize the Dream, October 22, 2008

“This book is strongly recommended for those who want to know how people are doing in the United States. This question seems especially relevant now because the effect of the financial crisis on Americans is being felt through rising levels of unemployment, increased household debt, and reduced personal assets, as well as lost health insurance — a drama that is likely to broaden and deepen existing inequalities.”

— NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, Volume 360 March 19, 2009


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