Remembering Sid Parnes


It is with great respect and sadness that we say farewell to Sid Parnes, who passed away this week at age 91. An early applied creativity pioneer, Sid’s many innovative contributions to the field cannot likely be overstated. Discovery of Sid’s work was life-changing for many.

Sidney J. Parnes, PhD. authored 17+ books including: Creative Behavior Guidebook (1967), Toward Supersanity: Channeled Freedom (1972), The Magic of Your Mind (1981), A Facilitating Style of Leadership (1985) and Source Book for Creative Problem Solving: A Fifty Year Digest of Proven Innovation Processes (1992).

His legendary 1967 Creative Behavior Guidebook synthesized 10+ years of his learnings and contained many, many applied creativity contributions that remain in play today. (See Lost Stories below).

The spirit of Sid Parnes will live on in the work of many innovation-enabling professionals around the world who have been inspired by his insights, generosity, and spirit.

In recent years, Humantific has documented some of Sid’s many contributions to innovation history. You can find those materials here:

Lost Stories Applied Creativity History

Origins of How Might We?

Who Owns How Might We?

Making Sense of Creative Intelligence

Innovation Methods Mapping Preview

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  • JanJaap Rypkema says:

    May he rest in Peace.

    It was G.K. VanPatter who put me on the trail of all the to me formerly unknown heroes who laid such an impressive foundation under what “we” do today. I had been standing on the shoulders of giants like Sid Parnes without even knowing it. The work people like him have done had been right beneath the surface of buzz, trend and hype. Discovering his writings felt like (finally) being able to share, and seeing acknowledged, so many intuitions and thoughts. To see them written down so precise, researched and thought through with so much painstaking patience, so much bravery and joy makes me feel grateful and extremely humble.

    Thank you Sid Parnes, and thank you G.K.

  • Joe Messina says:

    GK, many thanks for sharing. And well said JanJaap! It’s sad to hear of the recent passing of authors whose work I have only just discovered but certainly benefited from for years. Thank you Sid Parnes and Arthur VanGundy!

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