Quantum Information?

Gravity from quantum information

Physicist Erik Verlinde at the the University of Amsterdam recently put forward the idea that gravity is essentially a phenomenon of information.

“One of the hottest new ideas in physics is that gravity is an emergent phenomena; that it somehow arises from the complex interaction of simpler things.”

“Some physicists are convinced that the properties of information do not come from the behaviour of information carriers such as photons and electrons but the other way round. They think that information itself is the ghostly bedrock on which our universe is built.”

“Verlinde suggested that gravity is merely a manifestation of entropy in the Universe. His idea is based on the second law of thermodynamics, that entropy always increases over time. It suggests that differences in entropy between parts of the Universe generates a force that redistributes matter in a way that maximises entropy. This is the force we call gravity.”

The new role that quantum information plays in gravity sets the scene for a dramatic unification of ideas in physics.”

Published in MIT Technology Review

Gravity Emerges from Quantum Information, Say Physicists