How might we create and explain the value of a new kind of professional social network for physicians


Sermo Strategic Story and Business Concept Visualization

Humantific worked closely with Daniel Palestrant, the CEO of Sermo, to conceptualize a new kind of professional social networking platform that tapped into the power of prediction markets bringing outside communities to the table. Sermo is designed for physicians to exchange clinical insights, observations, and review cases in real time. Outside communities have insider access to the conversations happening at Sermo and can also ask questions to expand the conversation.


We started working with Daniel when he was building the company and having early discussions with potential investors. Moving from an abstract idea to a tangible business proposition, Humantific created visual models and a strategic story that Sermo used to raise 40 million dollars. Humantific and Daniel were featured on Time Magazine article, Different by Design, a new breed of consultant is using the tools of design to solve business problems creatively.