OPEN Innovation Consortium

About OPEN Innovation Consortium: Update July 2015:

The Open Innovation Consortium is a non-profit think-tank founded in 2009 by a diverse group of experienced co-creation advocates from numerous organizations operating in several countries.

The consortiums initial focus was on exploring the subject of open innovation as it applies most broadly to strategies, research, history, knowledge, methods, models, tools, techniques, systems and futures.

The OPEN Innovation Consortium has always recognized that open innovation as an idea has its roots in the 1940s and 50s rather than in 2003. All of the consortium’s work builds on that awareness.

The ultimate goal of the OPEN Innovation Consortium is to advocate, contribute to and inspire the ongoing evolution of innovation process design and innovation related tool-making in a continuously changing world.

Founding Members:  GK VanPatter, Elizabeth Pastor, Janet Getto, Gene Recker, Martha Batorski, KT Conner, Tony Fross.

Current Members: Membership thus far has been by invitation.

Joining OPEN Innovation Consortium:

New membership is expanding. With the initial Phase 1 foundational research now wrapped, and the Methods Mapping book now completed the consortium hopes to onboard new members for Phase 2 beginning this summer of 2013. We are happy to consider inquiries from organizational leaders engaged in inovation capacity building work and in innovation methods creation in particular.  If you would like to contribute to ongoing consortium work or ask advice of consortium members send an email to inquire(at)openinnovationconsortium(dot)org

Innovation Methods Mapping

Two + years in the making, Humantific, in concert with OPEN Innovation Consortium is sharing the preview version of the just completed new book:

Innovation Methods Mapping / DeMystifying 80 Years of Innovation Process Design.

If you would like to be placed on the pre-order list for the print version of the book please feel free to email: methodsmapping (at) openinnovationconsortium (dot) org


This workbook presents a new kind of methods analsysis framework applied to 50 innovation process model examples spanning a period of 80+ years. Embedded in the framework is a new form of innovation process literacy, designed to enhance understanding of historical and current process models as well as inform future process design.


Innovation Methods Mapping has been created and shared for educational purposes.

Intended Audiences 

Innovation Methods Mapping is designed to fill what the consortium perceives to be a void in the field of innovation process knowledge. As a foundation for understanding, we assume readers already have a high level of process knowledge, so this book is not going to be siutable for everyone.

Our Intended audiences include:

Advanced practioner leaders

Advanced graduate & post-gradite educational leaders

Advanced organizational leaders

Adavanced social change leaders

Adventuresome innovation process designers

Jargon Watch 

Innovation Methods Mapping surveys 50 historical and contemporary process models including a summary of the many terms used to describe various steps. Our role in the book was not to place judgments on various terminologies but rather to present the landscape of terms in its entirety in hope that the survey might in one way or another inform future process creation.

The analysis framework contains considerations not seen before in any literature. In some cases new terms have been created to introduce the considerations for the first time. An example would be Language Mode. No such consideration has been set in place previously, and thus no such term has ever existed before.

The goal of the framework is not to create new jargon for the sake of jargon-making, but rather to give voice to important considerations not previously in the mix. We are certainly well aware of jargon watch.

Questions? Send an email to inquire(at)openinnovationconsortium(dot)org