Mapping Markets For Good

Humantific and LiquidNet partnered to create Making Sense of Markets For Good which was presented and was on display at the SOCAP10 Conference in San Francisco, October 4–6.

Markets For Good was designed to help explain the primary challenges and opportunities within the philanthropic ecosystem— the giving markets.

More information can be found on the Markets For Good site here.

Download the Markets For Good screens here:

View the presentation on SlideShare here:

Both LiquidNet and Humantific not only devote a percentage of their revenues to social change related causes but are also directly involved in numerous social change initiatives.

In addition to Visual SenseMaking, Humantific works with LiquidNet For Good to plan and deliver hands-on Strategic Cocreation Sessions working with leaders from numerous philanthropic organizations.

If you would like Humantific to help you design and facilitate your social change related workshop send an email to engage (at) humantific (dot) com.