Making Research Actionable

Humantific is at work on several projects that involve integrating human-centered research into the continuous innovation process inside large global companies. While savvy organizational leaders have for some time been well aware of the power of using research based insights in the context of product, service and organizational change many have discovered that having mountains of data is not enough if the goal is action. Insightful leaders are figuring out that without a deep understanding of and appreciation for the cognitive needs of diverse individuals who will use the research, and without understanding the broader inclusive co-creation process expensive research will remain underappreciated and underutilized. Humantific is often asked to help by providing three key interconnected strategic services: conducting human-centered research, making that research understandable to diverse audiences and facilitating co-creation across multiple disciplines using the research as fuel for innovation. We do this with the Humantific toolbox, by applying hybrid methods from the emerging/converging fields of design thinking, innovation acceleration and transformation science. To engage with Humantific in New York or Madrid contact: projects (at) humantific (dot) com.