Innovation Methods Mapping Preview

Two + years in the making, Humantific, in concert with OPEN Innovation Consortium is sharing the preview version of the new book:

Innovation Methods Mapping / DeMystifying 80 Years of Innovation Process Design.

If you would like to send us a comment, or be placed on the pre-order list for the print version of the book please feel free to leave a comment below and or email: methodsmapping (at) openinnovationconsortium (dot) org

This workbook presents a new kind of methods analysis framework applied to 50 innovation process models spanning a period of 80+ years. Embedded in the framework is a new form of innovation process literacy, designed to enhance understanding of historical and current process models, as well as inform future process design.

This study has been created and shared for educational purposes.

This book is designed to fill what the consortium perceives to be a void in the field of innovation process knowledge.

As an OPEN Innovation Consortium initiative, the goal of this book project is to help move the art, science and design of innovation process modeling forward into the 21st century.

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Comments ( 24 )
  • Steven Forth says:

    Wow, this looks fantastic. Thank you for all the work pulling this together. I would like to get my hands on a hard copy. (I am old fashioned that way.)

  • Lisa Norton says:

    This is an incredibly generous gift of synthesis in service to the urgent needs of our times, and in anticipation of the need for fluid communication and collaborative synergy between functions and sectors. Thank you Humantific!

  • Sudhir Desai says:

    This is a fabulous effort. I would like to obtain a print or electronic copy please. Please keep me informed, and thank you for performing this invaluable service.

  • Vincent says:

    Wonderful job ! Congratulations. I am interested by the future printed book.

  • Chris Hayward says:

    Congratulations on an excellent book. I will be using this in my workplace and consulting work. Please add me to the pre-order list.

    I am finding being able to discuss the pros and cons of different innovation processes is necessary as part of introducing innovation and design thinking processes and this book certainly helps me tell that story.

  • Langdon Morris says:

    Brilliant work! I cannot wait to study the print version in detail.
    Please inform me when it is available.
    Thank you, and congratulations!

  • Nic Price says:

    Congratulations on what looks like a stunning piece of work.
    Can I please request to be on the pre-order list for the print version?
    Many thanks.

  • Minna Fred says:

    Looks good and very interesting!
    Could you please put me in the pre-order list as well. Thanks.

  • Shahida Cassim says:

    This looks like a superb piece of work.
    The synthesis and learnings look most interesting.
    Please keep me on the mailing list.

  • Allan Samuel says:

    Great to have such a comprehensive view of all the approaches to innovation reviewed and ordered. I’m sure this will help demystify the topic. Please put me on your pre-order list.

  • Gabriel Mothibedi says:

    Congratulations, this is a masterful piece of work. Please put me on the pre-order list

  • Bárbara Fachada says:

    Please keep me on the pre-order list. Thanks.

  • Syl Di Diego says:

    Garry and Elizabeth,
    A greatly needed resource. Please put me on the pre-order list.
    Be well
    Syl Di Diego

  • Adam Vigiano says:

    Looks awesome. I would like to obtain a print or electronic copy please. Please keep me informed, and thank you for tackling this.

  • JanJaap Rypkema says:

    What a tremendous, well needed project! It seems not only a tribute to Parnes and Gordon but also to John Chris Jones and his Design Methods. What a blessing to see a non-hipster, honest and humble historical perspective (I would have as expected nothing less from you). I am really looking forward to reading the finished book! Seems like a must for the student reading list as well. Please keep me updated if at all possible. I will send an email.
    Best wishes, JanJaap Rypkema, Designer and Design Teacher

  • Mick Costigan says:

    Please add me to the pre-order list! Thank you!

  • Joe Messina says:

    Beautiful work! Have dropped in several times over the past year to dog-ear “Innovation Methods Mapping” and “The Other Design Thinking”. Reminds me of another favorite, Mintzberg’s “Strategy Safari: A Guided Tour Through The Wilds of Strategic Management”. Thank you for sharing!

  • Michael Weber says:

    Looks great, please add me to the pre-order list.


  • onkar khullar says:

    i want the hard copy pls

  • Magdalena Lubbe says:

    ‘Innovation Methods Mapping Preview’ looks great, please add me to the pre-order list.
    Magdalena, Elna

  • Lara Foss says:

    How can I get a hard copy of this book?? Thanks!

  • Ana Urquilla says:

    This looks amazing!!! Please let me know when and how I could get a hard or electronic copy of this publication. Thank you. 

  • miguel vagalume says:

    I’m interested in pre-ordering your book.

    Thank you!

  • Houshang says:

    I’d love to be on a preorder list. Any update on when this book will be available?

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