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About HumanCities Collaborative:

Founded in June 2015, the HumanCities Collaborative is an international team of leading multidisciplinary practitioners dedicated to helping city governments power their civic innovation initiatives.

Our Mission & Approach

We are here to help civic leaders operationalize human-centered civic innovation in tangible, understandable and scalable ways.

We bring a diversity of skills to the table that includes: innovation strategy cocreation, design thinking, change-making, custom data analytics, design research, visual-sensemaking, custom city data analytics platforms, custom mobile applications, community engagement, civic innovation team skill-building and civic innovation lab building.

Our hybrid approach is human-centered in orientation and focused to assist both the internal staff within city agencies as well as the people that governments ultimately serve.

HumanCities Collaborative Team:

SenseMaking for ChangeMaking

Innovation Through Research

Measure of America 
Creating Societal Understanding

Custom Technology Solutions

10 Things We Can Help Civic Leaders With Today:

We can help you:

1. Create a tangible civic innovation strategy for your city.
2. Tackle fuzzy complex challenges in real time.
3. Bridge across vertical silos within government.
4. Undertake custom societal data analytics.
5. Supercharge community engagement capabilities.
6. Design & build customized digital data analytics platforms.
7. Design & build mobile data-driven applications.
8. Build next generation civic innovation leadership capacity.
9. Operationalize your civic innovation intentions.
10. Become a civic innovation leader.

See: Accelerating Civic Innovation: Ten Key 2015 Considerations.

To Start a Conversation Contact: 

Maki Kawaguchi
HumanCities Collaborative
6 West 18th Street, 9th Floor
New York City, NY 10011
T:  212-660-2577
inquire (at) humancitiescollaborative (dot) org

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