GK VanPatter at Åarhus School of Architecture

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Humantific Co-Founder GK VanPatter will give two talks in Denmark in June on SenseMaking for ChangeMaking. On June 9th he will present at the Danish Designers Annual Conference General Assembly at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Åarhus. On June 10th he will speak at the University of Aalborg in Aalborg.

Advancing rapidly beyond where many American, Canadian and Australian design schools remain focused we see considerable interest in the Beyond Service Design activity space in Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

Translation from the Danish Designers website:

“Garry K. VanPatter working with transformational design. The first time he visited Denmark was in a lecture at the Copenhagen Business School. Now he has agreed to participate in a conference with Danish Designers. VanPatter is co-founder of design firm Humantific, New York, which is deep and the boundaries of design when the company is working with cultural and organizational change. Want to know what design is capable of and how far one can go, then Humantific is one of the best offers in the world. www.humantific.com . This conference takes place on 9 June at. 13:00 to 15:30 at Aarhus School of Architecture, North Gate 20, 8000 Aarhus C (the new building).

For more information regarding these events write directly to Steinar Valade-Amland at the Danish Designers Association in Denmark: sa (at) danishdesigners (dot) com

About Danish Designers

“Danish Designers is one of Europe’s few truly multi disciplinary designers’ associations, representing both practitioners and others, working professionally with design. Counting more than 1000 members, the organization makes up an effective and influential platform with a mandate to speak on behalf of a joint professional design community in Denmark.

Our activities encompass different events for members, collating and disseminating relevant knowledge, network building and facilitation, educational programmes and advisory services as well as external communications and lobbying to raise the awareness and appreciation of the role that design and the competences of Danish Designers play in terms of strengthening competitiveness and innovation and to enhance people’s quality of life.”