HumanCities Collaborative

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About HumanCities Collaborative:

Founded in June 2015, the HumanCities Collaborative is an international team of leading multidisciplinary practitioners dedicated to helping city governments power their civic innovation initiatives.

Our Mission & Approach

We are here to help civic leaders operationalize human-centered civic innovation in tangible, understandable and scalable ways.

We bring a diversity of skills to the table that includes: innovation strategy cocreation, design thinking, change-making, custom data analytics, design research, visual-sensemaking, custom city data analytics platforms, custom mobile applications, community engagement, civic innovation team skill-building and civic innovation lab building.

Our hybrid approach is human-centered in orientation and focused to assist both the internal staff within city agencies as well as the people that governments ultimately serve.Continue Reading..


NextDesign Leadership Institute

About NextD / DeFuzz the Future: Update July 2015:

NextD has been DeFuzzing the Future of Design Leadership at Scale, Design Thinking at Scale, ReScaling Design Methods, ReThinking Design Thinking since 2002. The NextD initiative was originally created by GK VanPatter and Elizabeth Pastor as a community sensemaking experiment. NextD has been sharing that sensemaking in numerous forms, accross numerous platforms for more than ten years. As a contribution to the community we are happy to make many of those documents available for free to those interested in the subject of ReRethinking Design Thinking.  (See links below.)

Since launch the NextD team has given many, many talks and held numerous public workshops around the world (see examples below). NextD continues to create and share frameworks that make sense of the emerging future of design in the 21st century. We also continue to assist organizational leaders, educational leaders interested in created programs and cultures built around adaptable NextDesign Leadership Skills.Continue Reading..


OPEN Innovation Consortium

About OPEN Innovation Consortium: Update July 2015:

The Open Innovation Consortium is a non-profit think-tank founded in 2009 by a diverse group of experienced co-creation advocates from numerous organizations operating in several countries.

The consortiums initial focus was on exploring the subject of open innovation as it applies most broadly to strategies, research, history, knowledge, methods, models, tools, techniques, systems and futures.

The OPEN Innovation Consortium has always recognized that open innovation as an idea has its roots in the 1940s and 50s rather than in 2003. All of the consortium’s work builds on that awareness.

The ultimate goal of the OPEN Innovation Consortium is to advocate, contribute to and inspire the ongoing evolution of innovation process design and innovation related tool-making in a continuously changing world.

Founding Members:  GK VanPatter, Elizabeth Pastor, Janet Getto, Gene Recker, Martha Batorski, KT Conner, Tony Fross.

Current Members: Membership thus far has been by invitation.Continue Reading..