The Future of Innovation Published

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Just published and now available: The Future of Innovation.

Humantific, Strategos, IDEO, Mckinsey, IBM, Nokia, Philips, Siemens, and London Business School are among the contributors to the book.

“[Editors] Bettina von Stamm and Anna Trifilova have gathered together the thoughts and ideas of over 200 of the most creative innovators from business, professional practice and academia from nearly 60 countries. The contributors look at innovation from almost every angle. Their statements offer an unparalleled view of innovation and provide a depth of insight that is extraordinary. The editors’ reflection on each statement and on the sections within the book, provide useful links between themes and reinforce the relationships between many of the ideas.

Anyone interested in innovation (student, researcher or practitioner) will benefit from this global thought collection. The contributors’ multiple perspectives, models, practical examples and stories provide a sense of innovation that no single writer could ever capture.”

See here for the entire list of Contributor Affiliations.

The Future of Innovation Book can be ordered here.

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The Future of Innovation Initiative

You can find out more about The Future of Innovation initiative here:

“Welcome to the Future of Innovation: Here over 350 leading thinkers from business, government, consulting and academia from around the globe share their thoughts, experiences, dreams, visions, hopes, concerns, and passions around The Future of Innovation, providing you with insights into tomorrow’s innovation agenda so that you can start acting on it now.”

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